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About Us

MAXIMA was established on July 31, 2012 and we manufactures distribution transformer with rated up to 3000 kVA 20kV nominal voltage, Low Voltage Dry Type Transformer with  rated capacity up to500 kVA 1 kV nominal voltage, Metal Enclosure / Kiosk as per customer request and panel maker such as LVMDP & LVSDP Panel, MCC Panel, ATS-AMF Panel, APFC Panel, Synchronization Panel, MV Panel  and Capacitor Bank Panel, including installation and commissioning test. MAXIMA also provide transformer repair and maintenance services.

In accordance with the marine industry of development, MAXIMA  manufactures marine equipment electrical such as Main Swich Board Panel on ship, Low Voltage Dry Type Transformer specially marine use, Etc. In production activities, MAXIMA supported by experienced experts in the field of manufacturing of transformers and sheet metal fabrication.

Moreover, we use the newest machine technology and manufacturing process in order to create the high quality products to realize our customer satisfaction.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, MAXIMA ensures high quality standard on every section of production lines. Our product is entirely designed, fabricated and tested in our factory, that make we can maintain our product quality as well as can be delivered on time.



MAXIMA is a manufacturer of custom sheet metal fabrications and metal enclosures. The metal enclosure can be made from mild steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and galvanealed steel.

Metal enclosure can be designed and customized to different size and configuration to fulfill the customer requirements.

Metal enclosure is designed to withstand the surounding temperature, humidity, rain as well as solar radiation and condensation.

Metal enclosure fully enclose  transformer, HV and LV panels, and are shipped to site fully assembled. Metal enclosure is a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solution


MAXIMA produce three phase Low Voltage Dry Type Transformer with the rated capacity  up to 500 kVA, 1 kV nominal voltage and single phase up to 100 kVA.

We feature the newest technology and manufacturing processes. These units can be offered for a variety of environmental conditions and are built to meet the most onerous duty requirements.  In addition to conventional indoor applications (IP 00), our dry units can be  located outdoor where airborne contaminants pose a risk to electrical equipment.

Our product can also be equipped with enclosure, with the following standard degrees of protection :

  • a. IP 23, designed with steel sheet enclosure, protection class 1, colour RAL 7032 or according to customer requirements.
  • b. IP 54, with air or water heat exchangers


With our experience in transformer repair and maintenance, MAXIMA has the facilities, skills and expertise to carry out transformer repairs ranging from less than 1 kVA up to 3000 kVA.

In order to reduce our lead times on transformer repairs, particularly on emergency service work, we maintains good stocks of standard materials and accessories.

Our factory are equipped with a wide variety of winding machines to accommodate the various types of transformer repair we carry out, as well as optimize the deliver time offered. All transformers are fully tested at rated voltage and load testing can be performed whererequested. Full test certificates with detailing electrical specifications are  available.

Scope of Transfomer Repair and Maintenance :

  • Repair or Replacement of Core, Windings & Support.
  • Repair or Repainting of Tank & Radiator.
  • Replacement of Gasket, Accessories, & Protection Devices.
  • Vacuum Drying, Oil Vacuum Filling & Purifying.
  • Complete Routine Test.
  • Erection, Energizing and Commissioning of Transformer.
  • Measuring and Testing of Transformers on Site.
  • Etc.


To become “World Class Company” based in transformer manufacturing technology and have high competitiveness, in order to provide more benefits of the stake holders, partners and society.


  1. To achieve the target company’s business and make it as a structure of the business portfolio.
  2. To implement the spirit of professionalism as part of company way of life in any business activities both internally and externally.
  3. To give a real contribution to the improvement of the quality of human resources and engineering developments in any manufacturing activity